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Support Our Haiti Initiatives!

GIANT GLOBAL Haiti Upcoming Events 2012 1. Global Health and Humanitarian Summit: (Atlanta) April 13-15th 2012 at Emory University 2. Guantanamo Bay 5K Run for Haiti: (Guantanamo Bay) April 21,…
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First Lady Sophia Martelly

Under the leadership of Mrs. Mona Adams, Linda Chukwura, Dr Elsie Joseph, and Dr Yves-Marie Georges, G.I.A.N.T. Non Profit organization is working with First Lady Sophia Martelly to address some…
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Support Award winning photographer Bryan Meltz

Support Giant Global! Support Haiti!

Focusing on Three Major Projects in Haiti

GIANT Global Haiti Division is currently focusing on three major projects in the country dealing with water and sanitation, nutrition, the provision of medical supplies and equipment, and community development…
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