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Internship Experience: Melissa Duong

Haiti, Summer 2012

“I chose to work with GIANT Non Profit because I wanted the international experience that the organization could offer. GIANT members also had very good connections with other people on the ground, and that relationship was invaluable to me. The goals of my internship experience were to assist in the development of a national healthcare infrastructure; conduct needs assessment of hospitals; conduct community needs assessment of Dubois.

My role as an intern was to act as the liaison between GIANT and the Bureau of the First Lady. During my Port-au-Prince visit, I would go to the Palace, help set up the clinic for Karnival, go to various hospitals on some days to conduct needs assessments, and we would visit the hospital in Petit Goave to direct and assist in development of the Petit Goave hospital. During my stay at Lifeline, I would participate in the ministries, and then work in the clinic and see patients. During my Dubois visit, we conducted a needs assessment of the community and held a community health fair. My take away from the internship was political relationship navigation; needs assessments; communication; writing/summary.

The internship met my expectations; it gave me a lot of exposure to various aspects of public health. The accomplishment that gave me the greatest satisfaction during the internship was developing the pediatric unit in Petit Goave hospital. The advice that I would give to any potential intern is to pick a project that you are truly passionate about, and think of activities that you can do to make it a reality. Talk to past interns on advice about traveling!”

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