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Internship Experience: Kathu Mbaya

Uganda, Summer 2012

“I chose to work with GIANT Non Profit because of the diverse populations it works with.  The goals of my internship were three-fold: to develop and conduct a formal survey for a needs assessment in my target community; to develop a project proposal for funding; and to develop an evaluation report.  My role as an intern was to assess local health needs and develop a preventive community health-based plan.  Typically everyday was different; however in a snapshot, I would meet with team members in Uganda and do health assessment training, conduct focus group sessions in the community, do health surveys among randomly selected families. In addition, I would conduct health education sessions on different health topics such as malaria.

The skills that I took away from my internship are leadership, team building and communication skills.  The accomplishment that gave me the greatest satisfaction was being part of a health project that is going to make a positive difference in improving the lives of a vulnerable community.  The internship met my expectation and the advice I would give to potential interns is to be a self-starter and open minded.”

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