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Internship Experience: Chizoba Chukwura

Haiti, USA, 2008 – 2012

“I chose to work with GIANT Non Profit because the organization provided an opportunity for me to explore my public health international interests.  I wanted to gain firsthand public health experience in a developing country.  My goals were to perform a needs assessment in post-earthquake Haiti.  Then from the needs assessment we implemented projects that met the needs of the community on the ground in Haiti.  I started off as a public health intern then I became one of the Haiti Project Managers.  My days as an intern and Haiti Project Manager were pretty hectic at times.  I organized face-to-face and phone meetings.  I also organized fundraising events.  From my internship and project management I learned to effectively manage a diverse group of individuals to complete projects.  Also, I really utilized my organization skills.  I learned some useful leadership skills, as well.  The accomplishments that gave me the most satisfaction were working with the First Lady’s office in Haiti; helping with the implementation of a dry composting toilet; and planning and implementing a fundraising event and golf tournament.  The internship and project management experience went beyond my expectations.  The advice that I would give to any potential interns is to have an open mind and be creative when doing an internship with GIANT.  This will help eliminate some frustration if you are used to following laid out protocols.”

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