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Focusing on Three Major Projects in Haiti

GIANT Global Haiti Division is currently focusing on three major projects in the country dealing with water and sanitation, nutrition, the provision of medical supplies and equipment, and community development in rural communities of Haiti.

  • The first project is a collaboration with the non-profit organization, Boreholes International. This initiative will ensure clean, safe, and accessible water for rural communities.
  •  The second project is a collaborative effort with the non-profit organization MedShare International, to improve healthcare delivery by distributing necessary medical supplies and equipment to qualified healthcare facilities.
  •  The final project focuses on developing local capacity through initiatives that foster community development in the areas of education, agriculture, food and nutrition, healthcare, housing and infrastructure.


By supporting our efforts in Haiti, you lend to the development of a safe and sustainable Haiti.

Take Action For Haiti!!!

Take action now by purchasing one of the many products, making a tax deductible donation, or by becoming a sponsor of the Nou Kapab campaign. Our goal is to raise 3 million dollars. Of that goal, we already have a commitment of 1 million dollars in medical supplies from MedShare International. Your support is greatly needed and will directly aid our community development efforts in Haiti.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

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Supplies on the way to the Cholera Treatment Center

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