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Bouneau Health and Development Project

“Nou Kapab”

Bouneau is located in Artibonite which is one of the ten departments of Haiti. With an area of 4,984 km², Artibonite is Haiti’s largest department. Artibonite had a population of 1,168,800 in 2002. The region is the country’s main rice-growing area. The main cities are Gonaïves, Saint-Marc, Dessalines, Gros Morne and Marmelade. The department has experienced a state of social and economic despair for years, and the current catastrophes have only made the situation worse.

Dr. Yves Marie Dominique GEORGES, is a Haitian physician and Fulbright Fellow with public health training. She

Dr.Yves Marie Dominique GEORGES, MD, MPHc

travels back and forth between the United States and Haiti. She is our lead Haiti project manager and is coordinating our efforts to address the following issues in Bouneau:

• Education
• Children labor / Servitude “restavek”
• Nutrition
• Sexual abuse
• Infectious diseases

Phase 1 Needs Assessment completed January 2011
Phase 2 Project implementation planned April 2011 to December 2011


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