Available Projects

GIANT Non Profit has various projects available for this
internship cycle


1. Haiti Bouneau Project

Bouneau is a small village located in the second community section of Verettes in Artibonite, Haiti. The village consists of about 100 households. Among the most vulnerable members of the community are the children. The children lack access to education and health care, in addition the children are exposed to agriculture labor, servitude, sexual abuse and hunger. Dr Yves Marie Georges has selected 50 children to attend school as of October 2012. The school is located in Petite Riviere and will cost about $20 per month per child. Dr Yves Marie Georges will also coordinate regular vaccinations and physical examinations for the 50 children. We will of course continue to assist with the feeding program for all the families, and have recently identified a source for the food. (more children were enrolled in January).

2. Medical Student Haiti Clinical internships (specific for Morehouse School of Medicine 4th year students)

GIANT Non Profit and Morehouse School of Medicine will partner with several Haitian hospitals to provide clinical experiences in Haiti starting in 2013.  Dr Zuberi Jalal is the course director.

3. Opening of an Intensive Care Unit at the hospital OFATMA in Port-au-Prince

This was accomplished by the donation of 3 ICU beds, and a ventilator which were received over the course of the year. All necessary accessories were also donated.  Mona Adam is currently working with MedShare International to ship a container of medical supplies to OFATMA hospitals and Petite Rivière de l’ Artibonite.

4. Haiti Sister Hospital Project

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Haiti and the office of the First Lady of Haiti, GIANT Non Profit Inc. will develop the partnership between Isaie Jeanty & Leon Audain Maternity Hospital, Chancerelles, Port-au-Prince, Haiti & Northside Hospital in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Through GIANT Non Profit Inc., sister hospitals will collaborate and pool resources to meet immediate medical needs, create sustainable health care outreach and preventative programs and secure a healthier future for the people of Haiti.

5. Les Cayes, Maniche with Compassion Roads

The town of Maniche is located in the Southern Peninsula of Haiti. The closest city is Les Cayes, a town and seaport on the Caribbean Sea, with a population of over 70,000 people.  GIANT will be partnering with Compassion Roads on this project. Compassion Roads provides hot meals, clothing, first aid, education to the people in need in the rural community of Maniche, Les Cayes.

6. Bouneau Photovoice – Documentary with Bryan Meltz

Photovoice is a method mostly used in the field of community development, public health, and education which combines photography with grassroots social action. Participants are asked to represent their community or point of view by taking photographs, discussing them together, developing narratives to go with their photos, and conducting outreach or other action. It is often used among marginalized people, and is intended to give insight into how they conceptualize their circumstances and their hopes for the future. As a form of community consultation, photovoice attempts to bring the perspectives of those “who lead lives that are different from those traditionally in control of the means for imaging the world” into the policy-making process.

7. Bureau of the First Lady

Assist in health projects centered and organized by the Office of the First Lady of Haiti.

GIANT Non Profit Local

1. GIANT Non Profits C.A.S.A. / DOLA Initiative

Atlanta, Georgia: Yearly – up to 800 refugee children and other children in need receive educational toys, and resources from GIANT and supporters of GIANT.  DeKalb County, Georgia currently receives over 3000 new refugees every year. This represents 92% of all the refugees resettling in Georgia, a state which ranks among the top ten refugee resettlement states in the nation. The journey for refugees does not end when they arrive here in the United States; their challenges just take on a different form. We have a yearly drive to assist refugees as they navigate the numerous obstacles to resettlement. We are expanding this initiative to have a family focus and we will also be including non-refugee families. We will also plan to make the program available year round.

2. Network Atlanta

Network Atlanta Community Technology, Inc., is a non-profit corporation. We are dedicated to bringing technology to refugees in the Atlanta Metro area.  We provide low cost computers and training to refugees, the disabled, low-income people and seniors.  We collect computers donated from churches, businesses, individuals and recyclers.