Our mission

The primary objectives of GIANT Inc:

  • Promote and facilitate the adoption of nutrition-based therapeutic approaches by supporting the development and delivery of both micro and macro nutrient supplementation programs.
  • Stimulate and support research, development and application of nutritional therapy in science and human activity.
  • Identify and implement culturally appropriate and sustainable methods for improving nutrition and quality of life for local and international communities.
  • Establish and support initiatives involving safe water supplies.
  • Advance international cooperation in the field of nutritional therapy.
  • Further the dissemination and exchange of information on nutritional therapy by encouraging and sponsoring nutrition education programs for communities and care providers.

GIANT’s country specific divisions will assist with the development of local capacity by helping to develop a sustainable infrasturcture in addition to augmenting human resource capacity building. Our areas of focus include training, technical assistance, direct service delivery and the provision of financial assistance to local communities. We hope to support the local economy, and contribute to the development process.

Our areas of emphasis are:

  • Water, sanitation, environment
  • Education
  • Agriculture, food and nutrition
  • Healthcare (medical, public health, dental, mental and¬†rehabilitation)
  • Shelter, housing and infrasturcture
  • Documentary,¬†photojournalism, video and film