Our company

The Global Initiative For AIDS Nutritional Therapy, Inc. (GIANT) was created out of the need to address the importance of nutrition in enhancing natural immunity. Research has demonstrated the role of nutritional deficiencies in accelerating the progression of AIDS. It is the primary mission of GIANT to promote and facilitate the adoption of scientifically validated nutrition-based therapeutic approaches for HIV positive populations in developed and developing nations. GIANT supports research related to the nutritional medicine approach of the management of HIV.

This initiative is intended not to compete with or substitute for, but to complement other existing international initiatives in areas such as prevention of HIV infection, anti-viral drug resistance programs, and vaccine development.

In 2007 The Global Initiative for AIDS Nutritional Therapy became the Global Initiative for the Advancement of Nutritional Therapy, with a mission to promote and facilitate the adoption of nutrition-based therapeutic approaches for populations around the world, and to support and encourage basic and clinical research related to nutritional therapy. Through its support and participation in scientific symposia and other forums, GIANT is working to educate and raise awareness about the critical role of nutrition in health and wellness. GIANT promotes low cost, comprehensive, culturally appropriate and sustainable approaches to addressing the nutritional needs of people all over the world.

The organization is known to most people simply as “GIANT Non-profit”

The founding members and officers of the Board of Directors of GIANT include:

  • Ambassador Andrew Young
  • Dr. Alawode Oladele
  • Ms. Valarie Taylor
  • Dr. Will Taylor
  • Rhonnie Hemphill
  • Marcya Owens
  • Walter Moore
  • John Cameron Mitchell
  • Dr. Okezie Aruoma

GIANT is developing an International Advisory Board and will have numerous regional affiliates around the world.